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Core Competencies
  • Transparent Approach
  • Need Based Selling
  • Layout Specialization
  • High Quality
  • High Customization
  • High Committments
New Product ideas

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hospaccx india TM: Journey So Far…. 8 years…. 1000 Customers
Started in 2003 with sharp focus on Hospital Accessories, has been driven by Innovation all along. Innovation coupled with Customer Expectation hold the key to Customer satisfaction and our Future/Failure .

At Hospaccx India, our Innovation Initiative goes beyond product features …. We also strive to innovate even processes (We Specialize in Layout designing of Wards), our approach, our perspective etc.

At Hospaccx India, we also have been Experimenting with Truth in Sales& Marketing, and we have found “Truth & Empathy” most effective Sales & Marketing Strategy so far….. resulting into 90% of Sales driven by References.

Also, we have been trying to analyze Customers behavior; for us Selling is not a process of challenging commonsense of customers (euphemistically called “convincing”) rather discussing their needs. Hence it’s all about Quality/Genuine Sales.

At Hospaccx India, we consider after sales services as a emphatic Responsibility & Opportunity vis a vis customers feedback

Finally, in 2012 we hope to innovate more, things are underway to launch Interactive Online portal for new ideas / products/ questions / problems / solutions………………


Product Portfolio:

  • Soflex Ceiling -mount Hospital Screens
  • Double Telescopic SS IV hanger
  • Ohmh (Over Head Mobile Hangers) Ceiling- mount IV Mobile Hangers,
  • Viscomaxx Wall-mount as well as Ceiling- mount Monitor, & TV Stands,
  • Classique Floor-mount 4-Hook IV Stands.

Companion Bed-mount 4-Hook IV Stands

We would also like to bring this very fact to your notice that despite being the New Company, we are firmly rooted into Strong Professional Value System.

Sir/Madam, We score high on customer Satisfaction/ Delight Parameters because of our Organizational Strengths as well as Core Competencies like:

Transparent Approach to the Business : 90% of our Sales is reference driven.
Need Based Selling :

If there is no need we don’t sell, we understand customer his /her resources, and circumstances he/she operates under, so we avoid wastage of his/her resources.

Layout Specialization :

Our forte is- Best, Spacious, Practical, & Economical Layout.  As per our nalysis a best-designed layout could result in   minimum 5-10% savings  at customer’s end

Reasonable & Competitive Price : Our prices are affordable across all the customer Segments.
Reasonable & Competitive Price : "Customer is our Quality Guru"; we owe our Flawless Installation, Degree & Capability of Customization, Innovation and other constant Improvements in our Bouquet of Products & Services to Customer's Feedback, Inputs, & Insights.
High Deliverability : For us Project Deadlines are also Efficiency Guidelines
High Commitment Levels : We make customer for Lifetime.