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Core Competencies
  • Transparent Approach
  • Need Based Selling
  • Layout Specialization
  • High Quality
  • High Customization
  • High Committments
New Product ideas

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Classique Floor-mount 4-Hook IV Stands


Our Floor Mount IV Stands are designed to eliminate the frustration of retrieving, cleaning, bagging, and tagging old IV poles. The lightweight IV stands can be packaged with other patient supplies with significant reduction in weight of the shipment. The poles are quickly unfolded, and their innovative tripod design allows them to be used on any floor or tabletop. Patients can use them at home or fold them up to take anywhere they need to continue their therapy. IV stands also eliminate the need for home infusion patients to improvise gravity-fed infusions with such items as coat hangers, door knobs, light fixtures or even nails in the wall. When no longer needed, the aluminum pole can be set out with other recyclables.

" Saves valuable floor space
" Protects your pumps from crashing onto the floor (a common risk with mobile IV Poles)
" Easily attaches to front of any cage door with round bars
" All Stainless Steel construction
" Designed to safely hold all sizes of pumps

Classique Floor-mount 4-Hook IV Stands Classique Floor-mount 4-Hook IV Stands  Classique Floor-mount 4-Hook IV Stands