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Soflex Ceiling - Mount Hospital Screens

Partition Solution have two modules:

1. Silver Anodized & Powder-coated Aluminum Track with rolling hooks, and with angular bends of 90° to 160° depending upon partition requirement.

2. Netted or without Net Curtains suspended from rolling hooks of the track.

Patition Solutions are customized as per specific needs of customers vis a vis Length, Width, Height, Color and Shape (L Shape / U Shape).

Hospaccx india offers "Soft and Flexible (Soflex) Partition Solutions" to Clinics, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centers & Hospitals, and cater to privacy needs of patients.

SoflexPartition Solutions are modern partition solutions and score over conventional partition solutions (Wooden / Aluminium) in following respects:
SoflexPartition Solutions are suspended from the ceiling hence don't hamper movements on the floor.
SoflexPartition Solutions facilitate proper cleaning on the floor in wards.
SoflexPartition Solutions facilitate better monitoring of patients by the staff.
SoflexPartition Solutions offer customer a better "Value for money Proposition" at Price, Quality, and Customization levels.
SoflexPartition Solutions do not cause any physical discomfort to patients of staff.
SoflexPartition Solutions are easier to relocate to any other wards in Nursing Homes / Hospitals.
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